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Kaipara Konnection

by John MacDonald


Hi Folks!

The newsletter this week is very large due to the extraordinary events of the last few days concerning the Kaipara District Council. Please take the time to read this information as it is very very important that all citizens and ratepayers of the District are aware of what is happening and the possible consequences of these events.


Take particular notice of the links to the Workboot Councillors blog, Kaipara Concerns and also the letter to the editor. 

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Make sure that you read this weeks issue and discover:

* Weather forecasts for Dargaville and Mangawhai Heads
* Updates on the Kaipara District Council scandal

* What to do if your club treasurer is rorting you.
* Keep up to date with our Workboot Councillor
* Read opinions from Legal Eagle
* Read Letters to the Editor
* See a sample list of the new books in the Dargaville library
* Enjoy some NZ history
* Here's some more easy recipes to try - Brunch recipes this week
* Catch up on events in music for this week
* See more than 40 uses for WD 40
* Laugh at some Fail photos
* Print out a page for the "kids" to colour in


Enjoy this one and as always we welcome your feedback and comments.


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