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1 Church Street, Onerahi, Whangarei. Phone: 436 1001

Come and enjoy a fun, friendly safe environment for your children to play and develop from birth to six years old.

Conveniently located next to Onerahi Motordrome and opposite Onerahi Primary School.

What is a Playcentre?

Playcentre is a family education centre.  As parents/caregivers we meet together to provide early childhood education for our children, at the same time our meeting together gives us a chance to share ideas and learn from each other.  While our children learn and grow so can we as parents.  In playcentre parent education goes alongside early childhood education for our children.

Northland Playcentre Association, Phone: 438 2155

Session Times
Monday - Extended session for over 3 year olds.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - 9.00am to 11.30am.

Daily Routine
09.00am         Start.  Sign yourself and child/ren in.  Help rostered duty
                         person to set up all play areas.  Supervise children inside
                         and out.
10.00am          Morning Tea - Parent/caregiver to bring one piece of fruit
                          and a drink per child each session.  Crackers and cheese
                          supplied by playcentre.
11.30am          Clean up with everybody's help.  Sign out before you leave.

First Visits
The first 3 visits are free, after which you will fill in an enrolment form and enrol your child on the day/days you choose.

Playcentre is run by the parents/caregivers for their children.  Meetings are held every month to authorise payment of accounts, setting policy, appointment of officers, etc.   Every parent/caregiver is expected to attend at least one meeting a term.

All parents/caregivers have an equal say in how the centre is run.

Term Fees

Term Fees

1 session 2 sessions 3 sessions 4 sessions
1 child $25 $27 $29 $31
2 children $27 $29 $31 $33
3 children $29 $31 $33 $35
4 children $31 $33 $35 $37

These fees attract a discount of $5 per term per family for prompt payment.  This discount option will be shown on your first account.

The Play Areas
There are 16 play areas in the playcentre, and we are all responsible for ensuring that these areas always look their best.  Two in particular need a lot of attention: Collage and Carpentry.  Please start up a junk collection at home, or anything which could be useful in either area.

Some of Our Playcentre Policies & Common Sense Rules
*The gate is to be secured at all times.
*Playcentre has a child to adult ratio policy of 1 adult to 3 children.
*Children are to be supervised inside and out at all times.
*At playcentre we have a policy of NO SMACKING.  Smacking can be  very   frightening for children.  It can also upset some adults and the atmosphere generally.
*We believe in using positive disciplining.
*In the summer parents/caregivers are to provide sunhats and sunscreen for their children.
*Our centre has a policy of NO BARE BOTTOMS.
*Please dress yourself and your child/ren in play clothes.
*When you decide to finish attending the playcentre, please inform the playcentre on your final day.
*Spare clothing can be found in a box in
the baby room.

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