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We welcome visitors. Buses are catered for as well as  large and small groups. Gardens are partly wheel chair accessible as paths move around hillside.

There are interesting plants in flower all year. If anyone wants information on any plant please email me. If you notice a wrong name please also let me know. Some of the plants growing are available as seed, cuttings or divisions.


What is Happening at Wharepuke

We have changed direction at Wharepuke.

  I am no longer growing container plants and am spending more time making the gardens more interesting. I'm even hopefully getting on top of the weeds.I have got much of the sunken, dry-climate garden done this year and have planted out manyof  the interesting succulents I have had waiting.

   The five accommodation cottages provide accommodation for those who want to stay in the garden  and experience the subtropical atmosphere  we have created here. The cottages also provide accommodation for those involved in nontoxic printmaking courses being run onsite .

An Art Gallery of International artists work, mostly printmaking, is now set in the garden. Open every day.

Being so close  to the historical Kerikeri Mission Station and Stone Store is an added attraction for our guests as it is an easy walk to the area. 

  We have moved the old Lynfield Community Hall from Auckland  into the garden  and it has now been renovated and is being run as a restaurant and cafe. It was awarded "Northland Cafe of the Year 2011"


The entranceway to The Cafe




Subtropical Garden and Accommodation

A special place in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands


 Wharepuke Subtropical Garden

       Open all year.


Musa coccinea gives great colour all the year round

A Sub-tropical Garden in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, New Zealand 

A collection of generally warm climate plants, originating from many different countries, ranging from arid climate succulents to rainforest trees,
Many rare and uncommon plants seldom seen in New Zealand.
I have a special interest in sub-tropical fruiting plants, dry climate plants, bromeliads and insectiverous plants. 


Wharepuke Sculpture Park

We now have about 40 artists work from around New Zealand and a few from abroad through the garden trail. The works change throughout the year. There is a charge of $10 for adults and $5 for children to access the garden and art trail.

More info Wharepuke Art Park


 Accommodation Available

If you wish to stay in our Subtropical Garden we have five comfortable, self contained cottages available for your stay.  Kerikeri Accommodation 


 kerikeri accommodation bay of islands

Escorted Garden Tours


  For anyone who is interested in different and unusual plants I will take you on a descriptive garden ramble. I have found it very interesting too, as I have heard about other peoples interests in plants and made new contacts for the introduction of plants I don't have.
The leisurely walk takes about two hours ( although some can go well over that) and you get the opportunity to try different fruit that are ripe at the time and you can usually end up with a cutting or two as a bonus.
Different plants are at their best at different times so that there is always something of interest and pleasure to see.
Give me a ring and we will try to make a time to suit us all. Minimum of two persons to start and the maximum number is eight persons at a time so that everyone has a chance to hear and be heard.
Cost is $25 per person, children are free. phone me at 09 407 8965

 Plant sales 


  • We no longer have a container grown retail area but we can supply cuttings, seeds or divisions of plants that you may be looking for.
  • Many plants can be viewed in their mature form in the garden allowing you to see how they can fit into your garden design.
  • Come and have a look or email me your queries.



Open ground grown Plants

I am able to supply a range of sizes for landscaping including large

Dracaena draco (Dragon tree) and Beaucarnea recurvata (Ponytails.)   


Carica quercifolia fruit.



Searching the Net for Plants

If you have a computer and are connected to the internet the plant information world is at your fingertips! If you haven't done it before it is pretty straight forward.
Once you are connected to the net go to your favourite search engine, then type in the scientific name of the plant you wish to find out about, enclose with speech marks e.g. "Heliconia subulata" then hit Search and wait a few moments.
In 2001 this gave 19 references, in 2005 213 references. In 2010 7,320 references. Putting in "Pittosporum tenuifolium" gave 29 sites in 2001, in 2005 about 13,500 sites. In 2010 29,100 sites. Note. The ones that are listed first usually hold the most information.
One of the main points to watch is that these references are not necessarily scientific but what an individual puts up and thinks is right. If it is a University or scientific site it should be correct; compare sites and use common sense and come to your own conclusion.
Now all you need is many free hours and you can immerse yourself in the world of plants.





If you have a query or have something interesting to say, just get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you.




Contact us at Wharepuke Subtropical Garden
 Ph 0064-9-407-8965
190 Kerikeri Rd., Kerikeri, 0230, Northland, New Zealand.



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