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I appreciate that most companies have budgets to work within so I discuss with any potential client the aims and objectives of their web site, advising cost implications, suggesting ideas, before supplying a fixed quotation outlining the proposed structure.
You send me information about your business and let me know, what kind of web site you would like to have. I develop a design idea that you can view on the web.

During construction, all stages of the design process are easily monitored via our Client log in. This enables you daily access to the progress of your site. This approach allows me to deal with any business in New Zealand as if they were on my doorstep.

Making your site work for you:
In order to make your site known, your URL (web site address) is submitted to the major national and international search engines. After this, I monitor your web sites progress and make minor adjustments to ensure that it performs to and above the expectations of my clients.

A Tracker can be added to your site which can provide reports about every page - the number of visitors and where they have come from and lots more!

Web site packages: features & costs

Last updated: 17-Apr-03

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